Bridgeport, CT

Located at the southern end of Fayerweather Island, marking the entrance to Black Rock Harbor, the Black Rock Harbor Light (Fayerweather Island Light) was established in 1808.  After a storm destroyed the original tower, the current 40-foot high tower was built in 1823.

Lighthouse overlooking boats at anchorage in Blackrock Harbor.
In 1854, a fifth order Fresnel light was installed, with a range of 11 nautical miles.
The light was deactivated in 1932. 

Close up of the lantern, with the Osprey Nest, and solar panel.

It is located within Seaside Park, and is reached via a mile-long breakwater.

View of the Penfield Reef Lighthouse, beyond the Black Rock Light, off Fayerweather Island.

Visited August 22, 2019

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