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They sit ever vigilant, high on rocky cliffs, tall and reaching on the shores of our seas, and lonely on remote islands. They are fascinating to look at during the day, and awesome to gaze at during the night - with their ever-guiding beacon showing a safe course. For centuries they have guided mariners home safely, while they themselves have battled the elements.

In the pages that follow, you will have the opportunity to see what I have seen. These pages include pictures of the lighthouses I have visited, as well as some background information regarding the lights. But don't settle for just looking at these pictures. See for yourself these magnificent structures that stand to protect against the dangers man has faced upon the waters.

I am drawn to lighthouses by many things: their beauty; their history; and their uniqueness - as no two are the same. If you have never seen a lighthouse in person, take the time to visit just one, and you will see what I mean. I hope you enjoy this site.


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