Baltimore, MD

The current Lazaretto Point Lighthouse, located on the property of the Rukerts Terminal Corporation, is a replica that was built in 1985 to honor Norman G Ruckert, Sr.  It was built using the plans for the original 1831 tower, which were located in the National Archives.  This replica is not an active aid to navigation.


The original tower, built in 1831 by John Donahoo, marked the Baltimore Harbor entrance, and was needed because of the increased maritime traffic.  It was illuminated by 11 oil lamps and reflectors, which were replaced by a Fourth Order Fresnel Lens in 1852.



The lighthouse tower, a keepers dwelling and fog bell tower, were built on land that was previously the site of a smallpox hospital.  In 1863, the Point became the site of a lighthouse depot, serving many lights in the bay. 


Photo by: US Coast Guard

In 1870, the fixed white light was changed to red.  Electricity was brought to the light in 1914, as well as a 3-1/2 Order Fresnel Lens, and six years later, the lighthouse was considered less useful because of the growth of buildings around it.  1926 saw the tower torn down, and a steel tower built to replace it.



In 1936 the old hospital building was destroyed by fire, which also damaged the keepers dwelling.  A new house was built using materials from the hospital building and original keepers house.  The steel tower was torn down in 1954, and in 1958 the depot was shut down, and the land was sold to what is now the Rukerts Terminal Corporation.


Photo by: US Coast Guard





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