Piney Point, Maryland

44720 Lighthouse Road

Piney Point, MD 20674

Phone: 301-994-1471


Built in 1836 by John Donahoo of Havre de Grace, Maryland


Thirteenth lighthouse built in Maryland, one of 11 originally built on the Potomac River.  It is the tenth of twelve lighthouses built by Donahoo.


Located 14 miles upriver from the Chesapeake Bay with a fixed white light visible for 11 miles.


Standing 35 feet high, this was the only conical tower built on the Potomac River.  It is 3-Foot, 10-inches thick at the base, and 2-foot, 3-inches at the parapet.


This landmark was nicknamed the “Lighthouse or Presidents” in reference to the many vacationing Washingtonians and politicians who visited the site in the 19th and 20th centuries


Of the four remaining Potomac River Lighthouse’s, this is the only tower open to the public on a regular seasonal schedule


Piney Point Lighthouse operated from 1836 until it was decommissioned by the United States Coast Guard in 1964.



Site preservation efforts were spearheaded by the Potomac River Association in the 1960's?


Piney Point Lighthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.


The lighthouse has been in the care and keeping of the St. Mary’s County Government since 1980.


In 1990, this historic site was put under the stewardship of the St. Mary’s County Museum Division, a division of the Department of Recreation, Parks and Community Services.  The park grounds opened to the public in 1995.


After ten years of restoration, the lighthouse tower was opened to the public in 2002.




Keeper's Dwelling, Light Tower and Fuel House

Historic Coast Guard Photo showing Bell Tower

Fog Bell, dated 1858


Piney Point Lighthouse Keeper’s

1836  William Henry Suter 1836  Philip Clark
1840  Herny J. Heard

1845  Charlotte Suter

1846  William B. Taylor 1849  John W. Nuthall
1850  Martha Nuthall 1861  Robert Marshall
1865  Henry Steinhise 1869  Noah Wilson
1873  Elizabeth C. Wilson 1877  Helen C. Tune
1883  Thomas W. Costin 1910  George W. Costin
1910  William K. Slacum 1911  Loch Humbphreys
1919  William M. Yeatman 1931 William Goeshy
1939  United States Coast Guard  



Above information was obtained from displays at the Piney Point Lighthouse Museum and Historic Park.


Postcard Image of Piney Point Lighthouse
from the Owner's Collection.


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