Commissioned in 1905, the Point No Point Lighthouse is a caisson structure, with an octagonal brick dwelling/tower.  Located on the western side of the Chesapeake Bay, it is 6 miles north of the mouth of the Potomac River.  The light is 52 feet above mean high water. 


It was built to provide guidance in the dark stretch of the Bay between Smith Point and Cove Point Light.  Funds were not approved for construction until 1901, even though they had been requested as early as 1891.  After problems caused by weather and ice delayed construction, the light was finally finished, and the light was first exhibited on April 24, 1905.  A Fourth-Order Fresnel Lens was used.


The light was fully automated in 1938, and remained a manned station, until 1962 was it was converted to an unmanned status.  The original lighting apparatus has been replaced.


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