The Grindel Point Lighthouse, on Islesboro Island, was built in 1850. The land was purchased from Frances Grindle and he gave the site his name (with a misspelling). He was also the second keeper, starting his tour in 1853. In 1874, the station was rebuilt with the present square brick tower and a new keeperís house. The light was deactivated in 1934 and the station was sold to the Village of Islesboro. The flashing green light was moved to a steel tower next to the lighthouse. In 1987, the Grindle Point Light was reactivated with a modern solar powered beacon in the tower. It shows a flashing green light every 4 seconds. The Village of Islesboro maintains the keeperís house as the Sailorís Memorial Museum. It contains a number of maritime and some lighthouse related items.


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