Indian Island Light was established in 1850, however it was decommissioned several years later when ship traffic into Rockport did not develop as expected. The first keeper was Silas Piper who served three years. In 1874 the light station was rebuilt and it was re-lighted January 1875. With another decrease in traffic in Rockport Harbor the lighthouse was again decommissioned in 1932 and sold to a private owner in 1933. The tapered square brick tower is similar to eight others in Maine. Two others nearby are Grindel Point on Islesboro Island and Fort Point at Stockton Springs. In addition to the brick tower, other buildings at the station include the barn, which dates from 1875, and the stone oil house dating from 1904. A pole beacon called the Lowell Rocks Light replaced the light. The original optic was a fifth order.

(Above: Indian Island light, with the Lowell Rock light at left;
Below: the Lowell Rock light)

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