Cape Neddick Light (The Nubble Light)

The Cape Neddick Light, located in York, Maine,  is a 41-foot cast-iron tower that was first illuminated in July 1879.  Originally, the tower was painted red, but since 1902 has  been white.  The original fog bell and bell tower were razed in 1961.   An 1891 fourth-order Fresnel lens is still in use today, although it is not the original.   This station was automated in 1987.

This  station is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world.  Each Christmas, the buildings are lit up by Christmas lights.  It is sometimes called the Nubble Light, because the station sits on top of a "nub".

The picture above shows the apparatus used to transfer maintenance equipment to the island.  
Originally it was used to transport supplies, and occasionally, children going to and from school.

My wife and I in front of the Cape Neddick Light

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