Ram Island Ledge Light

Ram Island Light as seen from Cape Elizabeth Light

The Ram Island Ledge light was completed in 1904, on jagged rocks at the northern entrance to Portland Harbor.  The tower, which held a third-order Fresnel lens, is 90 foot tall, with the light 77-feet above sea level.  This light was electrified in 1958, and automated in 1959.

Ram Island Ledge as seen from Portland Head Light
(Along the horizon in the distance is what
 I believe to be the Halfway Rock Light)

Halfway Rock light is named because it is halfway between Cape Elizabeth and Cape Small, in Casco Bay.  It is located 11 miles northeast of Portland Head.  Construction began in 1870 but wasn't completed until 1871.  The 66-foot tower originally held a third-order Fresnel lens.  In 1887 a 43-foot bell tower was added, and in 1888 a boathouse.  All buildings except for the tower have been destroyed due to storms.  The Halfway Rock light was automated in 1975.

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