The Rockland Breakwater was constructed between 1881 and 1900 to protect the north side of the harbor. A southern section was planned but not built. A small beacon had been shown at Jameson Point at the shore end of the breakwater since 1827 and as the breakwater was extended, the beacon was moved to the end of the breakwater. When the breakwater was completed the Rockland Breakwater light was built in 1902. The lighthouse consists of a square tower rising from the roof of the brick fog signal building. The keeper’s house completes the station on the platform at the end of the 7/8 of a mile breakwater. The U.S. Coast Guard automated the lighthouse in 1964 and care of the unmanned structures have been a long term problem ever since. The light is an active guide to navigation and displays a flashing white light 39 feet above the water visible for 17 nautical miles. The original optic, which is still in place, is a fourth order lens. This lighthouse has been transferred to the Town of Rockland.


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