Plymouth, North Carolina

 Roanoke River Lighthouse, Plymouth, NC

    The Roanoke River Lighthouse, in Plymouth, NC, is a replica of the second light that stood from 1866 until it was destroyed by ice in 1886.   It is located approximately six miles from where it originally stood at the mouth of the Roanoke River and the Albemarle Sound. 

    It was built in 2003 from its 1866 plans, which included a first-floor kitchen and living room.  Up the winding stairs, two bedrooms were housed on the second floor.  The third floor housed a fog horn and, above that, the cupola that held the light.  The light was originally thirty-five feet above the water.  The current structure houses a modern fourth-order fresnel lens.


Roanoke River Lighthouse, Plymouth, NC


Roanoke River Lighthouse, Plymouth, NC

  Roanoke River Lighthouse flying the US Lighthouse Service Flag

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