Sea Girt Lighthouse

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The Sea Girt lighthouse first shone in 1896.  Like most lighthouses of the day, its fourth-order Fresnel lens revolved on ball bearings driven by complex clockworks.  With just one winding, the light turned for 7-1/2 hours, turning red for two seconds out of six.  It was originally built to bridge the 40-mile gap between Barnegat Light and Navesink Highlands.  The 44-foot square red brick tower, with a focal plane of 60-feet, is attached to a keeper’s dwelling.

The Sea Girt Lighthouse was decommissioned in 1945.  The interior of the lighthouse has been lovingly restored by a local citizens’ committee and furnished in keeping with its historical period.  Please check out their Sea Girt Lighthouse web site for more history of this beautiful lighthouse.

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(That is not the moon.  It was just beginning to rain when I took this picture,
which resulted in a rain drop on the camera lens.)

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