The Braddock Point Lighthouse was built in 1896, by the United States Coast Guard.

The first lighthouse keeper was Frank Coleman, appointed on June 6, 1896. Mr. Colemanís annual salary was $520.00 He served at Braddock Point until August 22, 1929.† Michael Fitzpatrick served from 1929 to 1935, and was a father of 13 children. Claude Jacox and his faithful Collie, Sonny Boy, served from 1935 to 1947.†R. Bruce Millar was a Coast Guard civilian employee, and served from 1947 to 1950.† These men were a special breed, who devoted their lives to serve as lighthouse keepers.

In 1950, Braddock Point light was dismantled and torn down to a height of 65 feet. The keeperís house was boarded up and a metal skeleton was erected near the carriage house. The house was abandoned and used as a duck blind for hunters, for many years.† In 1957, the property, with 1500 feet of lake frontage, the carriage house, and the keeperís house were put on the auction block. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stone and their two daughters, Linda and Patricia, became the new owners of this dilapidated compound. The Stoneís renovated the house as a summer cottage, with knotty pine walls and an added on summer porch. Thirty years of caring for the place took its toll, and it was time for someone new to care for this treasure.

In February 1986, Robert and Barbara Thulin, with their two sons Robert II and Jamie, became the new owners. They lived in the house for two years before they felt ready to tackle the tremendous job that was ahead of them. For eight years, the remodeling went on: replacing structural walls and pocket-doors; making new moldings and replacing wainscoting. The work seemed endless, but finally the interior of the house was completed.

After many conversations with the United States Coast Guard, the time had come to erect the tower again. On February 28, 1998, the new tower was lit, and the Braddock Point light was officially an Aid to Navigation again.

This information was taken from a pamphlet picked up at the lighthouse during a tour on July 16, 2000

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Photographs are by Robert D. DaVia Copyright 2000